Our Favorite Pet Friendly Spots in Crown Heights and Prospect Heights

Pet friendly spots in Brooklyn are rad.Anyone who’s familiar with Brooklyn knows the unique combination of energy and eclectic charm that characterizes our little corner of the world. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, parks, and the general sense of community keep residents and guests happy, no matter the weather or time of year.

Pets can also reap the benefits of our cozy borough. In fact, the number of pet friendly spots to eat and play continues to grow; let the team at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Brooklyn share some of our favorites!

Pet-Friendly Spots to Eat and Drink

Savor Brooklyn’s culinary delights at these pet-friendly establishments:

  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch on the patio at Stone Park Cafe.
  • Pop into Purbird with your pup for a quick lunch and some unique culinary options.
  • Cafe Con Libros is your one-stop shop for tea, coffee, snacks, and feminist-oriented books.

Breaking a Sweat

Eating and drinking is great, but all dogs need to run, play, and burn off excess energy, as well. Fortunately, Crown Heights and Prospect Heights offer plenty of places to do just that:

  • Enjoy a 7.79 acre off-leash area at Mount Prospect Park (the second highest point in Brooklyn!).  
  • Pier 6 Dog Run offers a shady spot for pets to work off excess energy right in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Visit Prospect Park for the huge off-leash areas and leashed paths and trails. We also like the park’s commitment to being a safe space for dogs and owners to play.
  • South Slope Dog Run may be the smallest dog park in the entire city, but it’s also one with a lot of love and commitment behind it (area residents fought for years to secure this little patch of land for off-leash use).

A Few Reminders

Taking your dog anywhere in public, especially somewhere other dogs are likely to be, calls for certain responsibilities on your part. Make sure you have your bases covered before hitting up any pet friendly spots:

  • Dogs should have a good grasp of basic obedience and manners. They should have the ability (and willingness) to come when called.
  • Unless you’re in a designated off-leash area, keep your dog leashed at all times.
  • Take proper precautions on warm days. Stick to shaded areas, provide plenty of drinking water, and bring your pet indoors if they’re getting too hot.
  • Always pay attention to your pet while out in public. For safety reasons, never let them eat anything off the ground.
  • Don’t allow your pet to approach other people (or other pets) without permission.
  • Always clean up after your pet! Picking up pet waste not only keeps our city beautiful, it also protects the waterways and helps ensure the pet-friendliness of local parks and establishments.

What are your favorite pet friendly spots in Brooklyn? Let us know at your pet’s next wellness exam or find us on social media!