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A Happy, Healthy Start: Visit Us for Complete Puppy and Kitten Care

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Like any new baby, puppies and kittens require special food, equipment, and handling during the first year of life. Of course, they need basic health care and preventive medicine, too. At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Brooklyn, we guide you through the critical first year of your pet’s life.

The First Step

The first step as a new pet owner is the initial wellness visit. We believe this exam by your veterinarian is critical to the health of your young pet. We examine each puppy and kitten from nose to tail, perform diagnostics such as parasite testing and FeLV/FIV testing for kittens, assess the teeth and gums for signs of overall health issues, and identify any congenital issues or medical concerns.

The result of this initial exam dictates what happens next, such as treatment for conditions or diseases. For healthy pets, expect the initial vaccine series, deworming, and the initiation of parasite prevention protocols.

During the first year, several visits are required to build immunity, ensure proper growth, and support healthy habits. In addition, we recommend spaying and neutering most pets.

Learn more about what to expect during a check-up at Partners for a Healthy Pet.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) offers this guidance for cat owners.

Proper Nutrition Is Essential

Young pets must be fed a diet made specifically for puppies or kittens, to be certain they receive the proper nutrients to support steady growth and immune system development. Proper nutrition includes a combination of high quality food, treats, and ready access to fresh water at all times. We develop a customized nutritional plan to meet the needs of your new pet, based on breed, age, size, activity, growth patterns, and lifestyle issues.

Socialize for a Happier Home

Socializing puppies and kittens is necessary to the emotional development of your pet. Exposure to a variety of people, other pets, and environmental circumstances builds confidence and teaches appropriate social cues. This process can prevent aggressiveness, inappropriate fear, and excessive shyness for a happy, well-adjusted companion.

If you notice any behavior issues developing in your pet, the best time to intervene is earlky. We provide behavior counseling and work closely with several area trainers should the need arise. Please contact us to discuss any behavior concerns.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccines

Our vaccine protocols are customized to meet the unique needs of each patient, for the prevention of dangerous, contagious, and zoonotic diseases. The typical puppy and kitten series consists of the following recommended vaccines and protocols:

Puppy Series

Kitten Series

Your young pet may be given other preventives or treatments to address specific patient needs.

Contact us to discuss your puppy or kitten needs, and to schedule a new pet exam.

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