Pet Wellness Care for a Longer, Healthier Life

pet wellnessHave you ever wondered why we recommend yearly, or twice-yearly, wellness exams for your pet? Yes, we need to update your pet’s vaccinations and, of course, we love the chance to see his or her sweet face and to catch up with you, but pet wellness care is about so much more.

Why Pet Wellness?

When you commit to regular pet wellness exams, you are giving your veterinarian the chance to get to know your pet and establish a baseline level of health for him or her. When we know your pet’s “normals”, it’s that much easier to pinpoint problems as they crop up. Early diagnosis of health issues often allows us to treat the condition before it progresses.

What to Expect

The routine wellness examination provides a clear picture of your pet’s overall health. By identifying issues or irregularity through the physical examination and/or diagnostic testing, we gain a head start on keeping your pet healthy.

The initial assessment includes a thorough examination of your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, abdomen, joints, skin, and coat.

The following areas of your pet’s health may be discussed in more detail:

  • Dental care – Poor oral hygiene not only creates pain, but also can negatively impact your pet’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Our recommendations include annual dental examinations, cleanings (under anesthesia), and daily brushing at home.
  • Diagnostics – Blood work, digital imaging, or other diagnostic testing may be ordered to delve deeper into a potential issue. Annual testing, such as heartworm and fecal testing, are key in supporting your goal of long-term health for your pet.
  • Weight/nutrition – Obese pets face many of the same health risks as overweight humans, making proper nutrition and weight management essential for a pet’s health and longevity. Pinpointing issues related to your pet’s diet and setting up a weight loss program help to mitigate the risks and get your pet back on track.

Preventive Care

Preventive wellness care includes:

  • Immunizations – Administering vaccines and boosters against life-threatening diseases is a top priority during any wellness visit.
  • Parasite prevention – Your pet needs year-round protection from fleas, ticks, heartworm disease, and intestinal parasites for optimal wellness.
  • Exercise – Daily exercise is an important component of your pet’s overall wellness. Your veterinarian will help you to come up with a plan to fit your pet’s age, lifestyle, and overall condition.

Regular pet wellness care truly lays the groundwork for lifelong health. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s wellness examination today. We look forward to seeing you!