COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your patience as we continue to keep our team and our community safe! 

🔹Monday - Friday : Open 8:00AM - 6:00PM 

🔹 Saturday & Sunday : Open 10:00AM - 6:00PM

🔹 Procedure drop-offs will remain the same (between 8:00am and 9:00am)

All clients required to wear a mask. 100% Curbside Service. 

We ask that you give us a call as you approach the hospital. Please remain outside with your pet. We will discuss your pet's needs by phone and at the end of the phone conversation, a staff member will come outside to you to bring your pet into the building for examination. DO NOT LEAVE THE AREA.

When the evaluation is complete, we will discuss any findings and recommendations with you by phone. Please have all cats in carriers and dogs on a controlled leash. Please maintain a 6 foot distance from others to the best of your ability to prevent crowding outside and for your safety. If an exception needs to be made please discuss it with our team prior to your arrival at the hospital.

🐾 See Curbside Service In-Action 🐾

🐾 Order Medications, Rx Diets and Preventatives 🐾

If you need prescription medications, heartworm or flea/tick control refills or prescription diets, please call us when you are outside and we will bring these out to you.

🐾 Questions? Give us a call! (347) 915-1420 ☎️  

Our goal is to continue to provide full service veterinary care to your beloved pets while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Thank you for your continued patience! 

All Creatures Will Be Taking A Break Sept 5 Through Sept 8, 2020

As an essential service, ACVH has been here to serve your pets' needs 7 days a week since the COVID pandemic began. Our staff has been working diligently under stressful conditions ever since March, and we feel it is time to take a break. From the vantage point of summer's end, it is easy to forget how scary March and April were, and I am so, so proud of the staff here for braving the unknown and showing up--masks on and disinfectant-ready--to make sure that the animals of Brooklyn had the veterinary care that they needed.

As the months went on a strange thing happened. Veterinary Hospitals became insanely busy all over the country. 

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This has been true with us as well as other practices in Brooklyn. We have done the best we can to keep up, and if things haven't been perfect we hope that you all understand!

Here is something people may not know or think about as far as how a small veterinary clinic operates: when a staff member needs sick leave or time off someone else needs to cover for them! Every person you see here truly is essential. And due to the current shortage of per diem veterinarians and veterinary technicians, it is nearly impossible to find anyone outside of our current staff to step in. This means that our already overworked staff must work extra days in order for other staff members to take time off. They have had to work extra shifts when staff members have been ill.

It is too difficult under these circumstances to cover gaps in the schedule to manage individual breaks so as a group we have decided to suspend normal operations for the whole hospital for just a few days.

During the period of September 5 - September 8 there will be no appointments at ACVH.

Routine visits have been rescheduled, and emergencies will be referred to local ERs.

Please plan ahead for medication refills. Please be aware we may not be able to fill your needs if you wait until the last minute.

Emails to ACVH will not be viewed until September 9.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we negotiate this ongoing health crisis together! For those of you who have offered words of kindness to our staff, THANK YO

U. They work so hard, and they do it because they love your pets. Curbside service makes their job a lot more difficult, and we are only doing it because it is necessary to keep us safe.

Stay strong and be kind,

Your friends at ACVH.

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