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Rescue Royale Fundraiser

Our world is facing overwhelming challenges, and alongside the pressing human needs, there's a heartbreaking surge in animals being left behind, neglected, or abandoned. Shelters everywhere are bursting at the seams, struggling to care for the countless homeless pets. This is where Badass Animal Rescue comes into play! They're on a mission to rescue these incredible dogs from under-resourced, high-risk shelters in the rural South and the US Virgin Islands, bringing them to NYC, New York where loving homes await them. The Badass Bash Rescue Royal is the most crucial event of the year, playing a pivotal role in funding medical care, rehabilitation, and rehoming for these precious souls. Join us on Sept 28, 2023 in Littlefield, Brooklyn for a great cause and the biggest fundraiser of the year, essential for supporting medical, rehabilitation, and rehoming efforts for dogs in need.

Badass Bash Rescue Royale

8th Annual Badass Street Fest 2023

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of BK was happy to attend the popular Brooklyn-based community event Badass Street Fest, located on the Canal Bar, for dog parents and rescue supporters. We are always here to support the community, our canine friends, and pet parents! 

Visit the Badass Animal Rescue website to learn more about adoptable dogs in Brooklyn, NY.

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