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All Pets Deserve Regular Wellness Care for Long-Term Health

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Keeping your pets healthy is compassionate, cost-effective, and easy at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Brooklyn. Regular, consistent wellness veterinary care is essential for all pets. It keeps them free from serious diseases and for early identification of developing problems. This health strategy protects your animal companions against suffering from painful conditions, age-related problems, and advanced disease.

Elements of Wellness Care

Pets age more quickly than humans, some living an entire lifetime in a few short years. This rapid aging results in accelerated development of health problems and diseases. Due to this issue, an annual veterinary exam is critical to good health for any companion animal.

At the annual visit, a thorough physical exam and dental assessment help determine the overall condition of our patient. We may perform diagnostic tests, such as blood work or X-rays, for a complete evaluation. We then develop a health care plan that is unique to your pet, considering age, breed, condition, and lifestyle factors.

Which Pets Need Wellness Care?

Every pet needs and deserves regular wellness care. A veterinary exam should be scheduled on the day you adopt your pet, to evaluate health and screen for disease.

Some companion animals carry diseases that can be transmitted to you and the members of your family. This concern makes regular wellness exams essential to family safety. These zoonotic diseases can be controlled, however, with some basic protocols. We are pleased to instruct you in implementing preventive measures at home. For more information, visit the CDC at Healthy Pets, Healthy People.

Most healthy adult pets should be seen at least once a year, for an exam and any necessary preventive care. Puppies, kittens, and other types of young pets are seen frequently in the first year, to allow for parasite treatment and the vaccination series. In senior pets and pets with chronic conditions, an exam every 6 months is recommended for preventing age-related problems from causing pain and mobility issues.

Promote Wellness with Pet Health Care

Our wellness plans treat the whole pet, including disease and parasite prevention, dental care, nutrition, exercise and play, appropriate housing, behavior training, and creating a positive, lasting bond between pet and owner.

Contact our hospital to learn more about caring for your pet. Learn more about ongoing pet health care by visiting our blog and attending our community events and classes.

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