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Compassionate, Effective, Humane Treatment of Pet Pain Includes Laser Therapy

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Pets of every type experience pain from illness, injury, and age-related conditions. Diagnosing and treating pet pain can sometimes be a challenge, but concerned veterinarians make it a top priority.

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Brooklyn provides the latest in pain management treatments and techniques, including acupuncture and laser therapy. Compassionate, effective, humane treatment for pain— because our patients deserve the best! Schedule an appointment today!

Pet Pain

In the past, pain in animals might be ignored, due to the assumption that they do not feel pain as humans do. In some arenas, pain was thought to be beneficial, in that it limited movement to prevent further injury. We now know pets feel pain in much the same way humans do.

Modern veterinary medicine reveals that untreated pain impedes the recovery process in sick or injured patients, and reduces quality of life. Our compassion motivates us to minimize or eliminate pain in every patient, as the most humane approach to care.

Symptoms of Pain

In nature, animals instinctively hide their pain to reduce vulnerability to predators. Therefore, our sick or injured pets often experience pain without demonstrating any outward symptoms.

The first defense against pet pain is the annual wellness exam. These checkups allow us to identify developing problems at the earliest stage, often before the patient experiences any discomfort. Preventing pain before it starts is an enormous benefit to our patients, eliminating suffering and the potential for more invasive and uncomfortable treatments later on.

The next defense against pain is a strong bond between you and your pet. The more significant the relationship, the more likely you will notice subtle changes that indicate a developing problem. Some indicators of pain in a pet include the following:

These are common indicators of pain in a pet. However, any unusual or new behavior can signal a problem and should result in a call to our hospital.

Laser Therapy

We offer the latest in veterinary pain treatment: laser therapy. Application of the laser allows the body to heal itself, by stimulating cells for higher circulation and reduced inflammation. This treatment provides prompt relief and leads to a more rapid healing process.

Laser therapy is safe and painless to the patient, and each treatment takes only a few minutes. In most cases, comfort is provided during the first minutes of treatment and the patient is able to relax. This therapy is effective in addressing acute pain, chronic or age-related conditions, and post-surgical recovery.

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