Friends in High Places: Why We Work With These Amazing Local Pet Rescues

Local pet rescues help with pet adoptionThere are many reasons people choose pet rescues. For starters, adopting a rescue is a great way to save a life and help the community. Additional bonuses include the facts that rescues are usually fully grown, come with an already developed personality, and are budget-friendly. What do we mean by that? Well, rescue and shelter pets are typically spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped – all at a savings to a prospective pet owner.

The Inside Scoop

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital is proud to assist local organizations designed to help animals in need. Among them, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is just one outfit that we’re very proud to align with. As most pet owners can attest to, it’s a huge incentive when an adoptable pet is already spayed or neutered.

This simple fact helps facilitate more adoptions than we can count (not to mention the impact the procedure makes on the community)! To that end, we spay or neuter the pets that Badass is trying to re-home.

Another Do-Gooder

Positive Tails is another local non-profit that aids homeless and/or injured animals by offering financial help to pet owners with hardships. These grants enable pet owners to provide life-saving treatment to their pets.

Additionally, they offer aid for spaying or neutering, and advocate for animal welfare (specifically regarding victims of animal abuse). Through their wonderful – heroic, even – work, innumerable animals in our community are positively affected. We are thrilled to work closely with them, and continue to be awed by their selfless work for the pets in their care.

International Homeless Animals’ Day

Have you heard about International Homeless Animals’ Day? While there is more than enough work to do throughout the year, this one single day (held the third Thursday of August) aims to advance animal rights via education. Spearheaded by the pioneer Helen Jones, the International Society for Animal Rights strives to end animal suffering and exploitation.

In its 25th year, International Homeless Animals’ Day always brings people together to give a voice to the plight of homeless animals.

Overpopulation continues to affect communities around the world. This international event spanning 50 countries and 6 continents offers activities to educate and opportunities to reverse the trend, all to save millions of lives.

Banding together to find homes for homeless animals, stopping the reproduction cycle, and ending unnecessary euthanization are just a few ways we can all help animals in need.

Pet Rescues Are Life Savers

Some people know exactly what kind of pet they want, while others remain open to looking until they lay eyes on the perfect match. Pet rescues can help you find the right species, breed, age, and gender for you. Because the ultimate goal is to place each homeless pet with the right family, pet rescues go above and beyond to ensure that your needs and desires are met, as well as those of your prospective pet.

Adorable, Adoptable

A part of our commitment to our community is to facilitate pet adoptions. Please contact us if you are ready to adopt a dog or a cat. We can help you get started on the love-filled path towards your new best friend. Check out our online store for your new pet needs.