Keep Your Older Pet in Great Health Through Senior Pet Wellness

Dog cuddled up in a blanket

Health considerations will inevitably pop us as we age, even for the most resilient and vital among us. Additional physical examinations and diagnostic testing to ensure health and well-being are an essential part of aging. This is equally true for our pet companions. 

While age is not a disease, wear and tear on the bodies of older pets can set them up for disease and illness. We all want our pets to stay as vibrant and healthy as possible, which can be achieved when we make proactive senior pet wellness our top priority. 

Let’s take a closer look at this important focus!

What Is Senior Pet Wellness?

In order to provide proper wellness care for a pet, the physical, mental, and behavioral health must be addressed. This holistic approach to veterinary care aims to prevent disease and relies on annual or biannual examinations. During these exams, all aspects of your pet’s health, including lifestyle and behavior, will be discussed and your questions answered.

Senior pet wellness examinations typically are done twice annually and include a range of services that match the needs of pets older than the age of 7 years.

These services include:

  • Head to tail examination
  • Lab work to check complete blood count, organ function, the presence of anemia or electrolyte imbalance, conditions like hypothyroidism, etc.
  • Eye examination
  • Hearing check
  • Assessment of mobility and muscle tone
  • Palpation of the abdominal cavity
  • Possible medication and supplement discussion
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Behavioral consult

If your pet has issues, such as an unusual lump, which is common in older dogs, we can assess those, as well as any mobility issues a dog or cat may face, such as arthritis. Sometimes, we may order additional diagnostics when a suspected condition is noted, or if there is any pain your pet is dealing with.

The Benefits of Senior Wellness for All Pets

Along with giving your pet’s health the focus needed for lifelong wellbeing, there are some advantages to wellness care.

  • You prevent disease and other conditions in a pet 
  • Early diagnosis can mean a much better prognosis
  • Knowing how to best care for your pet at home goes a long way in their overall health and happiness, such as what to feed and how much, what types of exercise is best, and other important lifestyle changes your pet may need
  • Regular wellness exams give us a baseline of health for your fur friend, so we can detect any abnormalities early
  • If your pet feels better, they are happier
  • Pets who have regular wellness checks are often healthier and live longer than those without regular check-ups

Keeping your pet in great shape is something every loving pet owner wants. There are, of course, diseases that are more prevalent in pets who are older, such as kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, but they don’t have to gravely impact your pet. Through prevention and early detection, your pet will have a much greater chance of beating those odds.

For a wonderful life for your loved one, call us at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital about our senior pet wellness examination services, or to schedule an appointment (no matter what their life stage).