Should Your Pet Be Microchipped?

Scanning a microchipped dog, which is brown.

Puppies and kittens are escape artists. They are young explorers who haven’t yet learned any rules about safety. Like all youngsters, they believe themselves to be invincible! But we know dangers lurk everywhere, so we do our best to keep them safe. What happens if they do escape and are lost?

What to Do If You Lose a Pet

When a pet is lost, fear and heartbreak attack the whole family. The younger the pet, the more likely they could suffer injury or illness while wandering in the big world outside your home.

You search and search. You paper the neighborhood with lost pet flyers. You let your friends and family know to look for Fido or Fluffy on all your social media accounts. What if there was an easier way to locate your lost furry friend?

Microchipping Your Pet Makes it Easier For Them to Find Their Way Home

When your baby pets have their first wellness check, your veterinarian will suggest placing a microchip between their shoulder blades, just under the skin. Each microchip contains the company pet registry contact information. You will set up an account with them to provide information about:

  • Your current veterinarian
  • Your pet’s name
  •  Your name and contact information

You can log in to this registry at any time to update contact details.

How Does a Microchip Work?

  • The pet registry company tracks implanted microchips.
  • Your vet or shelter will have the right type of handheld scanner to read your pet’s chip.
  • The chip will display the pet registry number.
  • The pet registry will verify the vet or shelter and provide your contact information.

Ask us to scan your pet at wellness visits to be sure the microchip is still in place. Sometimes they move around!

In an Emergency, a Microchip Can Save Your Pet’s Life!

You’re planning to take a vacation this summer, and you want to bring your dog along. What happens to Buster if something happens to you?

If you are injured or fall ill in a place where no one knows you, that microchip will prove to be a lifesaver for your pet! If you’re taken to a hospital and cannot communicate, someone will find your pet, have them scanned by a vet or shelter who will contact your veterinarian for instructions.

After natural disaster events such as tornadoes or floods, many pets are separated from their humans. Microchips give them a chance to find their way home to family friends, or relatives by providing valuable identifying and contact information.

Schedule a New Pet Wellness Visit Soon

No matter the age of the new family pet, schedule a wellness visit as soon as you can. New pets can bring unexpected pests and diseases into your household. Protect family members and other pets with a welcome wellness visit.

Take the first step to ensure your new pet is a healthy and happy addition to the family. And don’t forget to get that new pet microchip! Contact us at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Brooklyn with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help you and your pets.